Monday, January 27, 2014

Data Privacy Month

Data Privacy Month (DPM) is an annual effort to empower people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint, as well as escalate the protection of privacy and data as everyone's priority. Data Privacy Month will be celebrated in 2014 starting with Data Privacy day on January 28 and running through February 28. Spend the month helping to ensure your campus community is respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.

Data flows freely in today's online world. Everyone--from home computer users to multinational corporations--needs to be aware of the personal data others have entrusted to them and remain vigilant and proactive about protecting it. Being a good online citizen means practicing conscientious data stewardship. Data Privacy Day (January 28th) is an effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy, control their digital footprint, and  make the protection of privacy and data a great priority in their lives.

Data Privacy Day is led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, a nonprofit, public-private partnership dedicated to cybersecurity education and awareness, and advised by a distinguished advisory committee of privacy professionals. 

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