Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy Data Privacy Day!

Here are some ways you can make sure you are owning your online presence and staying privacy aware for this Data Privacy Day.

1) Follow the online stream of the Data Privacy Day State of Privacy starting at 9:30am CST: 

2) Look at these privacy tips 

3) Check your privacy settings 
The people at the National Cyber Security Alliance put together this list of sites and where the privacy settings are located for your ease!

4) Refer to the privacy library on the Data Privacy Day site year-round here:

5) Follow the National Cyber Security Alliance YouTube page for year-round videos on how to own your online presence

6) Learn about the history of Data Privacy Day here:

7) Take this Data Privacy IQ Quiz to test your knowledge:

8) Make sure to subscribe to our CougarSecurity blog in the right hand column on the main page to get our security updates:

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