Monday, February 29, 2016

Con artists pose as Microsoft employees in phone calls fishing for personal information

Con artists posing as Microsoft employees are calling people and trying to get them to pay for computer repairs.

A De Soto, Mo. woman was targeted by someone claiming to be from Microsoft. She says the scammer had an elaborate and convincing story about how her computer was used to hack a government website.

The man was offering to fix her computer and her neighbor’s computer for $200.

News 4 covered a similar story in November 2015.

Terrie Weaver of Spanish Lake, Mo. was contacted by someone pretending to be from Microsoft. That person said Microsoft Received information about an error on her computer and wanted to remotely access her computer to fix it.

"I've heard stories how they take control of your computer and I didn't want that to happen,” Weaver said.

The goal of the scammers in these cases is to not only get money, but also access to personal information. A company like Microsoft would never contact people asking to do this kind of work.

The best thing to do is hang up the phone.

View original article by kmov St. Louis here.

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