Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Safer Internet Day

It's Safer Internet Day worldwide, and to celebrate below is a link to some safety tips posted on our Facebook.

Check out our safety tips album on Facebook here.

The history of Safer Internet Day (SID)

SID began as a project to take initiative worldwide for Internet safety. This project was adopted by Insafe in 2005 and is now celebrated in more that 100 countries worldwide each year on the 9th of February.

In the US specifically there has not been much coordination of the day until Spring 2013 when the event gained government support. The event, hosted in the US by iSafe, have many goals of how to raise awareness and create a collaborative environment for information and promotion of active participation in Internet safety.

Make sure you are checking your security knowledge this Safer Internet Day, and help us to keep the Internet safe for everyone! Ways you can start right now:

1. Subscribe to our new blog posts by entering your email in the right hand column. You can stay up to date on the most important and latest security news.

2. Follow the link to our Facebook album above and find tips on how to keep each of your social media profiles safe.

3. On the navigation bar above, select CCIS Policy and update yourself on the college's policy for security.

Happy Safer Internet Day, let's keep our Internet safe!

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