Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Malicious email - please delete!

You may have recently received an email from a CCIS staff member with a subject URGENT.  This email is spam and should be DELETED immediately.  

If you clicked on the link and/or provided any personal information through this email or website (upon clicking the link), please let us know immediately. Many malicious emails are sent daily. Below are some best practices to avoid falling prey to malicious attacks:

If you didn't expect a message, link, or attachment from someone, ask yourself why you should trust that it really came from the apparent sender, and that it's safe. When in doubt, it's a good idea to call and verify that they sent you the message.

If you question the authenticity of a hyperlink, hover over it and see if the hyperlink matches the URL displayed or the sender.

Technology Services will never ask you for your password in an email or during a phone call. You should never share your password with anyone including a Technology Services representative.

Never respond to an email asking for account information, credit card numbers, PINs, or other personally identifying information. 

Immediately report any suspicious email to the Technology Solutions Center at help.ccis.edu or at 573-875-HELP (4357) or 800-231-2391 ext 4357.

Our goal is to protect users from unsolicited messages and social engineering attempts to gain sensitive information like user names or passwords. Occasionally, despite all precautions, unsolicited email can make it through the best security systems. Please keep in mind the above guidelines when viewing email to help keep our information systems secure. 

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