Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why shred documents?

Did you know we will be holding a Shred Event coming up this month at the home campus? We're bringing in the big shred truck! Make sure to bring us your documents Thursday April 28, between 1-3pm in the main circle drive! Wondering why you should shred your documents? Keep reading!

Why shred documents?

  1. Security reasons. Every business and household has confidential information they don't want shared. This information can be fished out of the trash and used against you. This is an easy-to-implement security plan to ensure there are no mistakes made. Keep a bin in your office at work and home to easily solve the issue.
  2. It's the law. The government is involved with information misuse and protecting individuals from any misuse. This puts the responsibility in the hands of the individual or business to protect the documents they are charged with. Businesses are also responsible for keeping client confidentiality kept protected, under laws such as HIPAA for medical records. 
  3. Prevent identity theft. Identity theft is a fast growing crime in the United States. All it takes is one or two pieces of personal information from your trash for a thief to steal your identity.
  4. Save the Earth. Shredding companies will recycle the shredded papers. Recycling itself is not a safe practice for confidential documents, however the shredded document can be recycled. 
  5. On top of these reasons listed, keep in mind: paper shredding is the only legally recognized form of document destruction. 

Start getting your documents together and check back next Wednesday for a full list of what to shred!

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